About UsWe are developing IT solutions for more than 22 years

We are a successful Czech IT company operating primarily on the Czech and Slovak markets
During this time, we have gained a lot of experience both in our own development and in the implementation of information systems for medium and large companies.


Based on our long-term presence in the commercial and energy markets, we humbly believe that we have sufficient experience with large and large-scale projects across various industries.

We have become Microsoft's premium partners with the official Gold Certified Partner label, proving of the quality of our work.

Gold Microsoft Partner

We will be your partner
Not only the information system supplier

The main pillars of our product portfolio include authoring products for business and utility companies.

For business companies, we focus primarily on implementing CRM systems for which we use our own CRM Leonardo product and Dynamics 365 solution from Microsoft.

For utility companies, we have developed our own information system called FLEXI IT, which made us are market leaders in billing software for utility suppliers, distributors and energy traders. FLEXI IT is part of our D3Energy solution for comprehensive customer service in the power industry.


D3Soft Future, s.r.o.
D3Soft Future, s.r.o.
  • Development and implementation of the FLEXI IT billing system
  • D3Energy
D3Soft, s.r.o.
D3Soft, s.r.o.
  • Development and implementation of CRM systems in Central Europe
  • CRM Leonardo, Dynamics 365, Leonardo MLM
D3Soft BIG, SE
D3Soft BIG, SE.
  • Individual solutions for utility companies


Our leaders
"If we want to do something great, we have to work for this goal every day of our lives."
Ing. Marek Svrčina Chief Executive Director - CEO
Started at D3Soft s.r.o. as a Development and Implementation Director, with responsibility for order execution, he now holds the position of Managing Director of the Company. He is responsible for the execution of orders and operation of the company.
"Professionalism, diligence, humility - a common denominator for SUCCESS."
Ing. Radek Dybal, MBA Sales director
Started at D3Soft s.r.o. as a Product Manager, then Key Account Manager, now Sales Director. Responsible for business and marketing.

D3Group Milestones

  1. 2021
    Strategic milestone
    D3Soft becomes part of the European holding Solitea
  2. 2019
    Final harmonization of D3Energy
  3. 2018
    CRM Leonardo extension to non-commodity services
  4. 2016
    Start of D3Energy product development
  5. 2014
    The development and first implementation of the PRICING tool
  6. 2013
    Establishment of D3Soft Big
  7. 2009
    Development and first implementation of FLEXI IT
  8. 2008
    Establishment of D3Soft Future
  9. 2006
    First Implementation of MS CRM Dynamics
  10. 2002
    Beginning of premium collaboration with ZFP Academy with Leonardo MLM
  11. 2002
    Establishment of D3Soft and the first implementation of CRM Leonardo


We like to support projects making sense.
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Our goal is to be your reliable partner, who is with you from the initial preparation of the analysis, through the implementation itself to the subsequent customer service. We know from experience that choosing any IT system is not a breeze, but rather a strategic decision across the company.

At D3Soft, we focus on the needs of a particular client, his interests and character.

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Mgr. Lenka Svrčinová

Head of Strategic Products

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