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At Elfetex s.r.o., we are launching the second phase of CRM Leonardo implementation, with the addition of “Nabídka/Objednávka” module, “Analytické Mapy” and data integration with istav.cz


For our major client, wholesale company Elfetex, we will extend the existing CRM Leonardo solutions with tools that will maximize the utilization of the CRM system and save time for field traders.

The primary objective of the second phase of implementation is the addition of the module “Nabídka/Objednávka” (Offer/Order), with the possibility of online creation directly from the field. The module works with pricing based on integrated data from the EPR system.

Other implemented modules are “Analytické Mapy” (Analytical Maps) and “Rozšířený reporting“(Advanced Reporting), which will make CRM Leonardo more efficient with analytics. This is done by means of well-arranged graphs and analytical maps, which will enable traders to optimize their business trip planning and at the same time continuously fulfill the set KPI, type of business visit frequency, etc.

Another, no less important, point of the second phase of implementation is the full integration of CRM Leonardo with the most comprehensive database of planned construction projects in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the database istav.cz

We will start implementing the second phase in the upcoming days.

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