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Dear business partners,

our company D3Soft Ltd. is a major supplier of information systems and consulting services with a long tradition.

Since establishing we devote ourselves to provision of a comprehensive support for business processes in all types of companies, i.e. in small-and medium-sized as well as in the largest companies. We focus on concentrating of our specialists in strong development teams that provide a solid background in the spheres of analysis, programming, methodical and especially consulting activity.

Our information systems are developed and implemented uniformly under the brand Leonardo. The main products of this series are CRM Leonardo (also operated in Cloud) and Leonardo Multilevel. For application to utility companies we offer FLEXI IT solution that comprehensively addresses the entire billing process and supports the business activities of these companies. We implement also third-party´s solution - Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We provide data integrations at customer´s place and applications are hosted on our professional data centre. We provide consulting and professional training in the training centre D3Soft. As part of our commercial services, we offer creation of professional web presentations including related e-marketing.

We also focus on customers who want to solve the information system comprehensively and we offer them customized solutions and related services that solve just their specific requirements and needs.

Alliance group D3Group

Our company D3Soft is part of the alliance grouping D3Group. This is a strong group of companies and is characterized by high quality of provided products and services.

D3Soft FutureD3SoftD3Soft BIG


  • development and implementation of information systems in the region of Central Europe.
  • Leonardo CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Leonardo MLM

D3Soft Future
  • development and implementation of billing system for utility companies and for alternative energy suppliers (electricity, gas, water, heat)
  • FLEXI IT Billing

D3Business Consulting
  • consultations and consulting service in the sphere of streamlining the trade, sales and marketing

D3Soft BIG
  • Mindividual solutions in the utility companies
  • Open Energy IT

  • Delivery of technological units and special applications


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