If you want to get somewhere, you must know where you want to get. Ing. Jiří ČeřovskýIng. Jiří Čeřovský Company executive, CEO

Jiří Čeřovský graduated from ČVUT – FEL Prague, Department of automated control systems and their designing.

After graduation he worked in the position of an analyst, project manager and then in the position of director of division of marketing information systems. In 2002 together with two other partners he founded the company D3Soft Ltd. and became its first director and now acts as its Chief Executive Officer.

He is responsible for finance and investment.

A single sentence is too short for expressing the respect for life. Ing. Petr TenčíkIng. Petr Tenčík Company executive

He graduated from VŠB - EF Ostrava, specialization of system engineering.

Initially he worked as a programmer and later as programming team leader and eventually he served as system engineer for knowledge-based databases. He also worked in a team that participated in the analysis and development of heuristic information systems and gradually he became the leader of information systems team. He is a co-founder of company D3Soft Ltd. and since then he has been working in the development of information systems as its professional guarantor.

If we want to do something big, we must work for this aim every day of our lives.. Ing. Marek SvrčinaIng. Marek Svrčina Executive Director

He graduated from VŠB-TU Ostrava, Department of measuring and control technique, specialized in measurement and regulation in the industry

After graduation he worked in the division of technological constructions as a project manager and later he was managing this division.

In 2006 he joined the company D3Soft as director for development and implementation and was responsible for implementing contracts and in 2008 he was appointed the Executive Director.

He is responsible for the implementation and operation of the company.

Telefon+420 596 603 114
Professionalism, diligence, humility - a common denominator of SUCCESS. Ing. Radek Dybal, MBAIng. Radek Dybal, MBA Business Manager

Dybal Radek is a graduate of VŠB-TU Ostrava, Department of Electrical Engineering specialized in telecommunications. He also extended his knowledge through the study at Business School Nederland (BSN).

After completing his studies he worked in an international project as a specialist. In 2003 he joined the company D3Soft Ltd. as a project manager. Then he worked as director for key accounts and since 2006 he has been working as Business Manager.

He is responsible for trade and marketing.

Telefon+420 596 603 119


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