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For ARMEX ENERGY, we have expanded the FLEXI IT solution with the invoicing of SPOT prices for electric and gas power supplies to small customers


For our existing customer, ARMEX ENERGY, we have expanded our existing FLEXI IT solution with electricity and natural gas invoicing to small customers. The energy supplier now offers a comprehensive solution for invoicing SPOT prices for both large customers and ordinary households.

Thanks to spot prices, large and small customers can save significantly on energy. The main reason is mainly that the supplier does not have to compensate for price fluctuations and non-linearity of customer consumption.

Based on data exports obtained from the intraday market at OTE (a Czech electricity and gas market operator), we import the current prices of electricity and natural gas into the FLEXI IT system, which are currently available on the energy exchange. These prices are then key to determining the final price at which the energy supplier then invoices to its large and small customers.


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