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For E.ON, we have expanded the CRM Leonardo system with the registration and management of charging stations for electric cars and CNG filling stations



For E.ON Energie, our long-term client, together with their IT department, we have expanded the existing CRM system to include the registration and management of charging stations for electric vehicles and CNG filling stations operated by their Mobility Services department.

We have created a unified system for easy registration and management of various types of revisions and inspections of these facilities. It records data in the real time and is accessible from all types of smart devices - smartphones and tablets. It then automatically notifies you of upcoming events, such as the need to renew staff training, necessary equipment inspections and other requirements associated with the operation of the stations.

In a short period of time, this is the second similar modification of CRM Leonardo, which we implemented in cooperation with E.ON. Since June this year, the system has been helping with the management of cogeneration units.


More information about the Leonardo CRM system at www.crmleonardo.eu

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