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In the CRM Utility for E.ON, we digitized service reports for revision and maintenance of boilers or flue gas paths


For E.ON Energie a.s., our long-time customer, we have replaced the paper form of service reports with a digitized form in CRM Utility.

The service technician, who carries out revisions and maintenance of boilers and flue gas paths, fills in the CRM Utility form on the recording of boiler inspection or chimney cleaning. Based on the completed data, the form in the CRM Utility is generated to *.pdf and then exported to the data storage, from where it is accessible to a customer through the customer portal. Such digitized report or message can be sent directly to the customer's e-mail according to the customer's wishes. 

This process takes place in real time on the spot on the customer's premises after the inspection, and it is accessible from all types of smart devices – smartphones and tablets.


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