CRM Leonardo in the construction industry

News 2008

At the end of 2007 the implementation of CRM Leonardo for the Slovak company IDOPS družstvo, was successfully completed.

The IDOPS, družstvo company operates in the construction industry in the Slovak and Czech Republic regions. The company offers a whole series of specialized construction activities and services including consultancy. These include mainly the following:
  • constructions and reconstructions
  • special insulations
  • pumping stations
  • systems and technologies
  • intelligent buildings
  • DELTA Controls
  • automatic parking systems
The implementation of CRM Leonardo was focused mainly on the following areas:
  • business and marketing – searching of market opportunities and evaluation of the efficiency of employees
  • internal communication
  • order realization - documentation
  • introduction of standardized managerial reporting
By introduction of the CRM Leonardo the IDOPS, družstvo Company has obtained an efficient tool, which will enable it to increase significantly the efficiency of searching for market opportunities, to introduce standards for communication between the individual departments within the company, to unify and collect the customers´ data and data from realized orders in a structured manner in a single spot. CRM Leonardo will result in increasing efficiency of internal processes including introduction of controlling of the efficiency of individual employees.

The IDOPS, družstvo Company makes use of the services of our data centre for the operation of CRM Leonardo.

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