Elmarco will manage its global business using CRM Leonardo

News 2008

The Elmarco company from Liberec, which has for several years been the leader in the development of nanofibre materials, their application and machines for their mass production, will newly manage its global business contacts using CRM Leonardo CRM solution. Thanks to it the company from Liberec will cooperate more efficiently with global universities like for example North Karolina State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA or Stellenbosch University from SOuth Africa and with its subsidiaries in the USA and Japan.

The CRM system will ensure monitoring of all the information about subjects in one place and its availability for everybody working with this data. Also the communication all over the world will be faster for the company. CRM Leonardo will apart from others enable sorting of information, archiving of data from meetings, creation of categories and groups of subjects for mutual communication and a series of other services.

According to the co-owner of Elmarco, Mr. Ladislav Mareš the company expects the new system to reinforce the relationships with sales partners in the world, and also to streamline the communication with research teams or laboratories. We keep reinforcing research and production activities, we carry out business practically on all the continents, we have considerable extent of partnership activities with universities and projects financed from the sources of the EU, therefore we must have the necessary technical equipment as well,” he specified.

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