We have upgraded to the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner level

News 2008

This year in February we acquired Microsoft Gold Certified Partner acknowledgement, which is the highest possible acknowledgement a Microsoft Company partner can achieve.

„We are glad to belong to the few companies in the Czech Republic that managed to achieve the Microsoft Gold Certified Partner level. Thanks to the advantages resulting from this acknowledgement we will be able to extend and to improve the services and products provided.“ Ing. Jiří Čeřovský, director of the company.

The Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status is the guarantee of top proficiency, knowledge, experience and qualification in Microsoft technologies. The “Gold” title within the certified partner program of the Microsoft company is the highest acknowledgement and is granted to the partners for a period of one year.

We obtained the „Microsoft Gold Certified Partner“ certification for the following competences:

Security Solutions - this competence is acquired by technological partners with proven experience with the development of the most advanced security solutions for protection of information assets of the customers with the use of solutions like administration and operation of security, secured wireless VPN network, administration of cross-border networks, identities and access and security of platform and applications. Includes the following specializations: Infrastructure Security and Identity and Secure Access.

Networking Infrastructure Solutions - competence for technological partners with proven experience with the implementation of solution on the basis of Microsoft Windows Server and Windows Small Business Server platforms.

Data Management Solutions - competence acquired by technological partners with proven experience with implementation of Microsoft SQL Server solution for data storage, business intelligence, online analytical processing (OLAP), data mining and support for decision-making. Includes the following specializations: Business Intelligence and Database Solutions.

Microsoft Business Solutions - this competence is acquired by partners with proven experience with application of the Microsoft Company solution with focus on financial management, customer relationship management, supplier’s chain management and analytical application. The D3Soft Company obtained this competence for the series of successful implementations of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product.

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