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As the only company on Czech Market we can offer you products that surpass the competition by being SOA READY. It applies both to CRM solution CRM Leonardo and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as well as to other products from 1:1 Solution series.

Information systems based on SOA, or, in other words service-oriented architecture, are composed of mutually interlinked processes based on services. The SOA architecture allows for removal of rigid company systems and processes defying changes and for making the right business decisions. The result is a business capable of action that can react faster to changes on the market, to adapt its activity to circumstances in real time and to offer new products and services faster than the competition.

Do you want to be ahead of competition and to be able to respond flexibly to the market needs?

Contact us, we will gladly advice you how to do it!

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Mgr. Lenka Svrčinová

Head of Strategic Products

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