The Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM

News 2008

Hospodářská komora České republiky is an entity representing the entrepreneurial public in the Czech Republic and an inseparable part of the economic life in the Czech Republic. It protects the interests of its members – small, medium and big enterprises associating in the regional network of chambers and in the tradesmen’s associations.

The main mission of the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic is to support entrepreneurial activities apart from agriculture, food industry and forestry, enforcing and protection of interests and ensurance of members of the chamber. The Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic is a separate organization that operates independently on the political parties, government bodies and regional self-administration bodies.

The Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic formerly used only a simple website application for its operation, which was not sufficient any more for the needs of the Chamber. Therefore it decided to arrange for a tender for a new IT system, from which it expected especially the unification and availability of the necessary information about its clients. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM system meeting all the expectations was selected in the tender. The main supplier selected is the company Telefónica O2 Czech Republic, a.s., which chose a certified partner for this solution to provide for a successful implementation - D3Soft.

The Economic Chamber gained the following benefits by implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM:
  • Efficient sharing of information about clients
  • Synchronization of data between the individual IT systems
  • Integration of data with the Microsoft Outlook application
  • Better possibilities in searching and segmentation of clients
  • Availability of all the information from one spot
  • Automation of the process of issuing ATA carnet via web

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