Visimpex a.s. is another satisfied user of CRM Leonardo

News 2008

CRM Leonardo, which has been functioning successfully in many Czech, Polish and Slovak companies newly helps to manage sales and marketing in the Visimpex, which intends to extend the system onto its subsidiary in Hungary.

By introduction of CRM Leonardo the Visimpex gained the following:
  • structured databank of information about customers and suppliers
  • support for management of business representatives including creation of efficient tool for control of their work
  • improvement of the process of processing of offers and enquiries
  • standardization of solution of claims and complaints
Visimpex a.s. has been operating on the market since 1995. It specializes in supplies and manufacturing of connection material for industrial production and wholesales. Basic philosophy of the company is to provide quality services and products. This quality is guaranteed by ISO 9001 certification of August 2003.

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Mgr. Lenka Svrčinová

Head of Strategic Products

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