We concluded a contract for implementation with Image Lab, s.r.o.

News 2008

We recently concluded a contract for implementation of CRM Leonardo with Image Lab, s.r.o.

The Image Lab, s.r.o. company is a leading Czech consulting and education company. It has been on the market since 1996 and during that time it gained privileged position in the area of corporate education and personnel consultancy. It provides its services mainly in the following areas: consulting for human resources development, set-up of performance standards, management development programs, couching, Mystery cooling, measuring of performance in the area of pro-customer behaviour, team workshops etc. The programs are prepared exactly according to the customer’s needs and can be realized in Czech or in English language. Since 2005 it operates also on the Slovak market.

Introduction of CRM Leonardo will bring the company improvements in the process of working with customers, reactions to their needs from the first contacts to realization and evaluation of projects. Transparency of the system of training of internal and external consultants and automation of calculation allows for continuous evaluation of the development of competences of individual consultants and linking to the system of remuneration.

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