CRM Leonardo Education helps in the company Student-CZ Ltd.

News 2012

The company STUDENT-CZ Ltd had a need to keep an overview of services provided to customers, who are students from Russia. These students intend to apply for admission to study at Czech universities, but they need to pass a demanding test in the Czech language and in the subject of given field of study. Lecturers of STUDENT-CZ Ltd. help these students to overcome the language barrier and prepare them for the aptitude test.

This company needed a single information system for a proper way of keeping records of all students and for a proper planning of language courses. Therefore the company STUDENT-CZ Ltd. has chosen us, the company D3Soft Ltd. as the partner

We have implemented there the information system called CRM Leonardo Education, which provides this customer with an overview of implemented courses (preparation for university study and help within the university study) covering all students and lecturers, so that an overview of students as individuals is ensured. CRM Leonardo Education will help to streamline and accelerate the work with customers (students). Among other things, this company thanks to this solution is provided with an overview of the business opportunities resulting from already implemented job orders. This system in the company STUDENT-CZ Ltd. will be available also in Russian.

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