Feel free to replace the existing partner of crm system

News 2012

If you have implemented a CRM system in your company and you are not satisfied with the results of the supplier, do not be afraid of a radical change and replace the existing partner. Our company already several times has successfully revitalized crm system that was supplied from a different company, so that the system really meets all needs of customers.

The company of Ideal - Trade Service, s.r.o uses srm system Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which was implemented by our competitive company. But existing users were not satisfied with setting up and functioning of crm system. Therefore, the company of Ideal-Trade Service decided to find another partner to support CRM MS and chose our company D3Soft Ltd.

First of all we took over the development of data interfaces to the accounting system and they have been revitalized and put into operation at the option of the customer. Now, after a successful completion of the project of revitalization of data interfaces the cooperation between ITS and D3Soft in development of Microsoft Dynamics CRM system will continue

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