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News 2012

System FLEXI IT for billing energies is in the Czech market the most used system of alternative suppliers of energies, since it is absolutely adaptable to the requirements and needs of customers.

The module is intended directly for distributors and local distribution systems. Our solution covers the complete processes, namely beginning by the registration of customer and of his supply point up to issuing of an invoice in order to pay for distribution and other services. FLEXI IT is a modular solution, which brings customers the variability in the selection of functions that they really need. In addition, the openness of the system guarantees the communications with external sources or other systems.

The main advantages of IFLEXI IT
• A full support of all processes of distribution system (connection, changeover, registration at OTE, disconnection, etc.)
• Automatic synchronization with the portal Ares, Justice, and other,
• Aggregation and creation of hierarchy of the system according to the needs of the distributor (points of metering and participating gauges),
• The card of a gauge- overview of active LDS devices
• Open interface for all remote meter readings,
• Automatic reading directly of gauges or integration into existing software solution (also a regular data import is possible)
• Interconnection to external sources (combustion heat)
• Automatic communication with OTE (readings of gauges, incoming messages),
• Billing of distribution and other services with the possibility of division according to the network topology,
• Controlling of the life-cycle of a gauge (installation, outages, readings of values)
• Integrated accountancy - the general ledger and " adjacent ledger " are right in FLEXI
• Modular solution set to customer needs,
• Experience gained in the Czech and Slovak market
• D3Soft guarantees the legislative topicality of all processes

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