Information Technologies for the company Armaturka Krnov, a.s.

News 2013

D3Soft company delivered information technologies to company Armaturka Krnov, a.s. within the scheme called "Development of information technologies in Armaturka Krnov, a.s.". The aim was to provide a comprehensive solution in the form of Helios Orange system, system of attendance and catering, hardware and specialized CAD software.

The new solution has increased the efficiency of areas: economy, wages and human resources. The whole development was mainly focused on the sphere of production, its management and capacity planning, as well as the system of keeping records and management of job orders and complete warehousing and trade. An essential part of the solution is a tool “Reports” for creating reports, statements, reports and analyses.

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Mgr. Lenka Svrčinová

Head of Strategic Products

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