Linde Gas SpA uses Leonardo CRM Service Manager for internal maintenance of equipment

News 2011

Linde Gas Inc., which has the largest sales network of industrial gases and accessories in the Czech Republic asked for a sophisticated tool for internal maintenance of facilities. For this purpose this company chose D3Soft as its partner. CRM Leonardo Service Manager offered by the company D3Soft is just the right tool for the management of various types of equipment.

The solution provides a comprehensive management of facilities (EAM - Enterprise Asset Management):
  • Scheduling of the periodic maintenance
  • Monitoring of non-standard behaviour of the equipment
  • Troubleshooting in case of equipment failures, the analysis of failure causes
  • Management of repairs and equipment downtimes
  • Control of stock of spare parts
  • Records of worksheets of the internal workers and external firms
  • Overview of operation of equipment (automatic / manual data collection)
  • Optimisation of maintenance in terms of ensuring the continual operation of equipment

Thanks to CRM Leonardo, all executive employees have available a comprehensive tool that brings them the updated corporate information. Operators have a better overview of the current status of equipment, of the calendar of scheduled activities and of the emergencies (alarms, outages). Technologists can plan regular maintenance, repairs and downtimes of equipment and they can connect the prescribed technical procedures and monitor their fulfilment. The foremen and managers of the program application have available a graphical overview of performed activities (activities and tasks that failed to be fulfilled) and of the operation of facilities (blackouts and other emergencies). This solution is currently utilized in Linde Gas SpA , Třinec branch plant and the expansion into other production plants is being prepared.

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