Supervision over education using CRM Leonardo Education

News 2013

For the company 1.VOX we have implemented CRM system Leonardo Education, which covers the entire scope of agenda of a large educational company. In the company 1.VOX were replaced several existing systems with one comprehensive solution - CRM Leonardo Education.

The system has been deployed in the maximum scope and covers the following areas:

- Web Portal
- e-shop for ordering of open training courses
- Module of Application forms for processing orders (of application forms) from the e-shop and other resources (e-mail, telephone ...)
- Invoicing of open educational courses (pro-forma invoices, invoices, corrective tax documents) and matching payments with the bank
- Module of Entities to keep records of companies and participants in training events
- Keeping records and administration of lecturers, contracts with lecturers, generating DPP
- Module for design, preparation and publication of educational events (open courses)
- Module for design, preparation, organization and invoicing of custom-made educational events
- Facilitation of the organization of educational events; design and reservation of classrooms; preparation of training materials
- Print of document templates - attendance sheets, certificates, invitations, ...
- Reporting across all covered processes

The individual functionalities are set according to corporate standards of company 1.VOX and tailored to them.

Deployment of CRM Leonardo Education system in the company 1.VOX brought unification of hitherto two separate agendas i.e. custom-made training events and open courses, as well as launching of an extensive system of reporting both for the operational control and for managerial decision making.

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