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CRM system Leonardo is the original product of D3Soft which is primarily intended for medium-size and large companies. In line with current trends, it displays the necessary data on SMART devices, where the outputs are optimized to preserve all the information and the data displayed do not lose their meaning, clarity and readability. Of course, the CRM solution is a direct integration with other internal and external information systems, such as creating an API interface to the ERP system through which the required business, economic and technical data are exchanged. We are now able to integrate Leonardo information system CRM into MS Outlook.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, the original Microsoft product, is a CRM solution primarily for corporate companies that need to communicate with customers while maintaining high productivity in the office and in the field. Dynamics 365 provides vendors, merchants and executives with tools to manage data and update records, whether they work online or offline. In a well-arranged configuration, you can configure the CRM application once and then set it to all devices - mobile phone, computer or tablet. Our many years of experience supporting internal business processes have enabled us to gain the highest level of Microsoft Gold Certified Partner partnership.

FLEXI IT is a key information system for traders, alternative suppliers and energy distributors. The FLEXI IT energy information system provides processes related to the acquisition of a customer (CRM Utility), its billing, communication with the customer through a web portal and energy purchase management. FLEXI IT is the market leader among billing systems supporting the sales of electricity, gas, water, heat, CNG and now also e-Mobility stations.

We have just developed the E-mobility module, which is used for billing of customers who use electric cars. The E-mobility module is built on the foundation of FLEXI IT, which we have modified to meet the needs and requirements of electrical energy suppliers. The E-Mobility Recharging Station module includes the master data subsections, charge transactions, clearing, discounts, billing.

MLM Leonardo is a CRM solution for multilevel marketing that works with a business strategy based on direct sales, where sales of products and services are provided by contract distributors, who are linked to other vendors. Thanks to the sophisticated commission CRM system, a network of distributors with variously set incentives reward systems is created. The MLM system also includes a CRM solution for field work on Smart devices.

D3Energy is a comprehensive information system for overall customer service in the energy sector. The solution consists of separate modules that are interconnected by process and can thus form a single unit in the energy sector. D3Energy can be implemented comprehensively in the proposed range, or use separate modules such as CRM, Pricing, Trading, Billing, Balance, Web Portal, Business Connector, Reporting.

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