Medium-sized company

Medium-sized company

If you are a company that achieves an annual turnover of CZK 100 million, then you will surely appreciate the following products and services.

If you need to elevate your business to a higher level, then you can take advantage of the various information systems and IT services that we offer.

D3Soft, a full-value partner for medium-sized companies.

  • Do you need to lend a hand with your business processes?
  • Do you ask for a guaranteed support after the supply of the solution?
  • Are you looking for a suitable partner in order to entrust him with the care of your IT?
  • Do you need a quick and high-quality solution?
CRM Leonardo
If you want to retain or get customers, then the solution in the form of CRM systems is the best the solution for you. D3Soft is a specialist in this area since it created its own CRM system.
  • CRM Leonardo which became the market leader. This system which manages relationships with customers is already used in hundreds of companies in the Czech, Slovak and Polish markets
Microsoft Dynamics CRM
We also offer you the CRM system from Microsoft, the most widespread information system all over the world. Microsoft Dynamics CRM was created to provide the dynamically developing companies with a tool that is able to work effectively with customer data.

We also offer you the SharePoint, application from Microsoft by means of which you can easily administer the corporate documentation. We also provide training in Microsoft applications led by our certified specialists.
Development made- to- measure
The development made- to -measure is offered to companies that have specific requirements for information system. It is important to identify and analyze the diverse needs and pains of customers and find a solution that satisfies their requirements.
Leonardo Multilevel
The enterprising on the basis of multi-level marketing has recently become extended in the Czech market. We have Leonardo Multilevel Information System for companies that want to set off in this direction. This system is always adapted to the conditions of a given company and is already used in several leading companies.
Business Intelligents
Corporate data along with analytical tools and reports are today a strong tool for decision making in companies. We ensure the coverage of these tools and thus is created a strong base and support for management of companies and organizations.
Management and coordination of projects
Our certified specialists are ready to provide you with maximum effort in managing the IT projects. If you are in the process of implementing a new information system in your company and you need advice on how to proceed, we are available. Your projects will always be finalized successfully with our support.
Audit IT
This service allows you to simply introduce order into the hardware and software areas. IT Audit is a professional tool to increase efficiency of software and security audit of your company.
Data Integrations
We help companies integrate data regarding the required information from different data sources in one place and in the required structure. By introducing the Data integration solutions in your company you can not only analyze, but you also can process the information in real time.
Outsourcing IT
This service is being increasingly used today. Its low cost is one of the main reasons. If you need to manage your IT infrastructure, please contact our experts.
How to proceed further Other products and services that we offer within the medium-sized companies are available in the description of a small company. Of course they are then adapted to medium sized-companies. more information...


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