Small-sized company

Small-sized company

Small business – Great IT Support with D3Soft

Do you think that a small-sized company does not need our technological support? Mistake, also for small business we are able to ensure high-quality and professional services.

Complete solutions for sole traders and small business

  • You don’t want to care for IT?
  • Do you want to have a professional e-mail with ending of your company?
  • Do you want to have your own domain?
  • You don’t have your own websites?
  • Customers have difficulty to find your firm?
  • Is the corporate economy under your control in accordance with the applicable legislation of the CR (tax returns, invoices issued and received and record sheets for health insurance and Social Security Administration)?
Domain Management
We offer you ensuring the Internet domain operation and related services which means a comprehensive background and the professional approach when pre-setting the important technical records of domains and administration of contact information. This is an indispensable full service of services of domain through which we take care for a trouble-free run of your Internet projects.
  • technical management of setting the domains
  • editing the contact information in the registers of domains
  • monitoring and watching the condition of domains, timely warning of their validity expiration and prolonging the registrations of domains
We create websites on the basis of the analysing the specific needs of our clients and focusing on their customers. The goal for our client is to create the most effective combination of product which will be successful in graphic representation of the owner and will achieve excellent results on the Internet. The provision of web-hosting is a commonplace.
This is a completely new application that meets the technological and functional demands of modern e-commerce. We developed this application on the basis of needs, requirements and demands that are posed on the system of e-shop. Nowadays we already have a strong tool for Internet retailers and it guarantees security, user friendliness and speed.
On our data centre you can host multiple applications, save your data, etc. We offer the possibility to use own hosted applications. Saving funds for purchasing hardware (server) is the main advantage of hosting. Hosting at our data centre is covered from a security perspective and we guarantee for no misuse of information.
E-mail under control
We offer you the service to create mailboxes which are set according to your requirements. Email is now the most used communication channel in the world and therefore is exposed to various security attacks. We ensure that your email is not abused and is protected from viruses and spam.
Nowadays it is very important support marketing, especially marketing in the Internet environment. You also can support your business when you entrust us with elaboration of the analysis which will reveal the areas in your business where marketing should be more supported and what tools should be used. It will be better if you entrust our company with the issue of marketing. Our marketing specialists will manage your PPC campaigns and will support SEO optimization of websites by registration in catalogues etc.
CRM Leonardo Small Business
Leonardo Small Business CRM is a product whose main objective is to support business and marketing processes in all types of companies. More and more small and medium-sized companies are becoming aware of the benefits of CRM and they look for a way to use these possibilities. The priority is the speed of deployment, low implementation costs and the possibility of further expansion with the gradual growth of the company. For these firms we have prepared a special edition of CRM Leonardo, which thanks to the standardized solution can accelerate deployment of the system and minimize the works related to implementation.


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