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To the company of Benefit Systems Slovakia, we implement the Dynamics 365 solution from Microsoft



Benefit Systems Slovakia s.r.o., chose to partner with D3Soft s.r.o. for the implementation of the CRM system Dynamics 365 on the Slovak market.

The main goal is to simplify and speed up the acquisition process, improve the two-way communication of individual sports venues and serve customers on the Slovak market.

The primary product of MultiSport company is a partner network of contracted movement and relaxation facilities, which can be freely visited together with a MultiSport card in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. With the Multisport card, over 2,600 sports venues in the Czech Republic and Slovakia can now be visited daily. Over 200,000 satisfied employees report that it is a popular corporate benefit.

We will start implementation on the Slovak market in the coming days, and at the same time we will develop existing solutions on the Czech market, which will be modified into online controlled sports and fitness activities due to the current situation.

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Mgr. Lenka Svrčinová

Head of Strategic Products

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