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We have completed the harmonization of our products for the energy sector into one complex unit – product D3Energy



With the help of our development team, we have successfully completed the harmonization of D3Energy, which was originally based on separate product units such as FLEXI IT, OEPT, Nákup (Purchase), CRM Utility, Call centrum (Call Center) and others.  

D3Energy is a complex information system for the comprehensive customer service in the energy sector, in which we have been successfully operating for 20 years. During this time, we have gained a lot of experience both in the field of our own development and in the implementation of information systems for traders, alternative suppliers, distributors, medium and large companies operating in the field of energy. 

The D3Energy solution consists of separate modules that are interconnected in the process and can thus form one complex unit in the energy sector. D3Energy can be implemented comprehensively in the proposed range or possibly use separate modules such as Billing, CRM, Pricing, Trading, Bilance (Balance), Webový portál (Web Portal), Business Connector, Reporting. D3Energy's harmonized solution runs on one common data platform. D3Energy includes solutions for commodities and energy services.

Part of the D3Energy solution is the FLEXI IT invoicing system, which is one of the most popular systems supporting the sale and billing of electricity, distribution of gas, water, heat, CNG and newly also stations for e-Mobility. FLEXI IT primarily provides processes related to customer acquisition, billing and communication through the web portal. 

D3Energy is now one of the core products of our company. 

For more information, see www.D3Energy.cz

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Mgr. Lenka Svrčinová

Head of Strategic Products

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