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We have successfully implemented CRM Leonardo for the multinational group AGRO CS 



AGRO CS is a Czech fast-growing B2B/B2C company with agricultural substrates and fertilizers with an international reach in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. At present, the company employs over 700 employees in four divisions, in which they have so far used information and data from internal EPR systems. This data they further processed within individual divisions and the needs of the company's management.

To simplify and optimize the management of business activities, we implemented CRM Leonardo in AGRO CS, which primarily supports the business processes of the Garden Division. It targets professional growers in the B2B segment and hobby growers of the dependent market with a focus on retail chains and an independent market with a focus on garden centers. Data is written to the Leonardo Leonardo system at the real time and is accessible from all types of SMART devices.

The chief goal of the implementation of the Leonardo CRM system was the unification of all business processes and activities into a single information system, easy access to data in one central data warehouse to all traders and agricultural technicians in the field, support of marketing events and campaigns with the option of mass addressing through unified databases with business contacts and speeding up business routines, such as analysis, revenue forecast, rapid reporting, and division-to-division communication and management.


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